2022 Maid Service Success Summit

Speaker Information + Resources

Welcome to the 2022

Maid Service Success Summit!

June 10th – Submit your basic information (step #1)

June 20th – Submit teaser video (optional but we’d love to have as many of these from speakers as possible!)

July 1st – Submit your recorded presentation

Next important dates to be aware of! 

July 11th – Start promoting the Summit and your talk 

July 25th – Summit Day #1 kicks off at 9am EST! 

July 29th – Final Day of the Summit 

Mark your calendars for July 25 – 29th 2022! This is when all of the Summit fun will be taking place 🙂

As with every Summit, the entire event takes place virtually online. Attendees and speakers don’t even have to leave their house to participate in all the fun!

There is more information below about the format of this year’s event. 

Bookmark this page for easy reference. This will be your one-stop spot to get access to important info, links and updates. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for here, please email me: heather@zenmaid.com


How it'll all work

This year’s Maid Summit will be live July 25-29th. Attendees will be able to attend the talks for free the week of the summit. 

Our team will begin promotions July 4th. 
Speakers can begin promotions July 11th.

This year, talks will not be scheduled for a particular time. Instead, each day during the Summit we will open access to a set of talks at 9am. This way, attendees can get access to their chosen talks each morning and watch them at a time that suits them.

Attendees will have the option to purchase an All-Access Pass which will give them instant access to the talks on the first day of the Summit + on-going access to the talks + speaker bonuses (see below for more information on the All-Access Pass structure we have introduced this year). This will be set at one price before the Summit and the price will increase on the first day of the Summit ($97 –> $197). 

Like last year, we will be using the HeySummit platform to manage registrations and access to the talks. Each speaker will have a talk page that you can access through your speaker dashboard. Once we receive your initial basic information (see step 1 below) we will create your speaker dashboard. You will be emailed access to this and you can edit it as you see fit. (if you have any issues with your dashboard or did not receive an access login, please email us: heather@zenmaid.com)

*Please see further instructions and more information below on how to set up and edit your speaker information inside HeySummit.

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What we need from you

This section outlines some key details and information you need (and we need from you) for the event. 

1. Basic Information

Please submit your basic information by June 10th on this form here or directly into the form below.

This is the information we need to populate the registration and speaker page. You can update this later if you need to. But it’s helpful if we have this information as soon as possible so we can populate these pages and other assets.  

2. Presentation Slot

This year instead of scheduling each talk at a specific time, we will be releasing a group of talks each day in the morning. (ie. 6 talks will be released on Monday at 9am and be available to attendees for a specific period of time). If you have a preference for what day your talk goes live, please indicate this in the form in step #1.

We will do our best to accommodate any day preferences, but we will need to spread the talks out as evenly as possible over the 5 days. If we cannot accommodate your preferred day, we’ll let you know. 

As soon as we have the schedule finalized we will share it with all speakers and attendees. There will be a dedicated schedule page that we will create for easy reference for both speakers and attendees. 

3. Presentation

You will need to pre-record a 30 minute presentation and submit it to us by July 1st (or sooner!). We suggest you use a recording platform like Loom, Zoom or Tella. We cannot accept power point or other similar formats for editing purposes. Our team will add an intro and outro slide with your presentation title, your name etc. We will not be editing for content. 

You will find some further guides inside the Resource Vault >>here.

If you would like some inspiration or to see what past talks looked like, check out past talks here.

You can submit your presentation materials directly into the form below. Or use this link to access the form.

4. Worksheets or other additions to your talk (optional)

If you have a worksheet, workbook or other downloads you want included with your talk you can include this when you submit your presentation in the form above. This is entirely optional.

If you would like to share your slides, please include these in the Presentation form (above) as a PDF link. If you haven’t yet completed these by July 1st you can email them to nica@zenmaid.com 

5. All-Access Pass Contribution (optional)

This year, in order to provide as much value as possible to the attendees, we are asking speakers if they would like to submit a ‘bonus’ to the All-Access Pass. (This is not required, but very much encouraged as it will help you collect extra email addresses!)

If you would like to submit a special offer to include for attendees who purchase the All Access Pass, you are invited to do so. This can be something you have already created. Examples include mini-courses, workbooks, workshops, training videos, 1-month memberships, eBooks, etc. 

We suggest that whatever you include does have a value to it (ie. it won’t be seen as a valuable bonus if it’s your free lead magnet that anyone can download). The value does not have to be high. Instead of uploading files, we recommend that you share an access link + 100% off coupon code in the form. This way, you’ll be able to collect email addresses of everyone who claims your bonus.

However, if you’d rather upload a file or zip folder, feel free to do that in the form.

**If you contribute to the All Access Pass you will be given an extra affiliate commission for participating** 

6. Promotion

Speakers can start promoting the event on July 11th. To make this easy for you, we will supply you with both generic (The Maid Summit is happening on July 25th!) and customized social graphics for your talk (see the link ‘Resource Vault’ above). We will also provide you with and a set of email templates if you want to use a strategic and story-based approach to promoting to your email readers. 

The more people who sign up for the event, the more registrations you will have for your talk. We always encourage a supportive community, so if you see a talk by someone else that you think would be great, give it a shout-out too! 

Promotion can look like many things. Here are some ideas in case you are stuck for where to start:

  • share social graphics on IG and FB regularly (often people don’t see our content as much as we think they do!) and everyday the few days leading up to the kick-off on Monday
  • emailing your list every few days in the weeks leading up to the Summit kick-off (see email templates in the resources vault)
  • doing an IG or FB live talking about your specific talk and the challenge or pain point it will help solve for your attendees (we will happily share these into the Mastermind group)
  • highlighting a few of the other speakers you are inspired by and why
  • posting a question into the Mastermind group related to your talk so you can start conversations about the topic
  • create a ‘teaser video’ to share on your socials + send to us so we can share leading up to the event (see more info inside the Resource Vault link)


7. Participation During the Summit Week

During the Summit week, we will be encouraging conversation and questions in the ZenMaid Mastermind Facebook group. If you are not already a member, we encourage you to join (even if it’s just for the Summit week! no hard feelings if you want to leave after the Summit 🙂). Wherever possible we will be tagging in speakers, posting about your talk (before, during and after) and inviting attendees to engage with speakers and one another. 

There is the option of having a chat function available on your talk page. By default we will set these to ‘off’ this year. If you would like to have yours on to enable more questions and discussion, please let us know (email me: heather@zenmaid.com)

Your Speaker Dashboard in HeySummit

Hey Summit (the platform the event is hosted on)

We use the platform Hey Summit to host and manage this event. 

You will be sent your login details for your speaker profile inside Hey Summit. 

This is what it will look like in your inbox (or your junk mail! please check your spam folder and whitelist this email address so you don’t miss any important emails)

Please note:

  • You may need to set-up or reset your password.
  • You will need to update/add your details into your dashboard.


Here is the speaker dashboard:

You can edit/add/update your details either of these 2 ways

Here are a few things to check:

Your name, business, email, website and other details are correct! 

  • You can change or add a photo **We highly recommend you do have a photo**
  • Add a short bio or blurb about your business and background.
  • Please add (or check) that your talk title, topic and description are correct. You can make any changes you need to from your speaker dashboard.

This information will be visible on your individual speaker page. You can see last year’s speaker pages as examples at

Or here are a few quick links:



Affiliate Details

You have all been invited to the ThriveCart affiliate for the Summit.

We have added all of you to the affiliate program for this year’s summit. This is 100% optional to participate in! But if you do, you will receive a 40% affiliate commission on any All-Access Pass product sale. If you contributed a bonus to the All-Access Pass, you will receive 50% affiliate commissions.

You may have already seen emails from ThriveCart adding you to 2 different All-Access Pass products.  

If you do not see emails in your inbox or spam folder – contact me: heather@zenmaid.com

If you have never set up an account inside ThriveCart you will be prompted to set this through the emails. Otherwise, it will take you to your affiliate dashboard (left image below). You can find your affiliate links in the ‘PRODUCTS’ tab. This link will take all traffic to the main summit registration page: www.maidsummit.com 

There is an option to also use an affiliate link to the All-Access Pass sales page (https://2022.maidsummit.com/all-access-pass/).

The traffic/leads are cookied for 60 days, so even if someone clicks around to different pages or doesn’t buy the AAP right away, you will still get credit for the purchase. 

If you contributed a bonus to the All-Access Pass you will receive an additional 10% in commissions on both price points.

Access your dashboard by logging into your account at https://thrivecart.com/signin/


Here is how the pricing for the All-Access Pass will work this year:

From July 4th, attendees can sign up for a FREE ticket which will allow them to attend any of the talks for free. Talks are released each day at 9am CST and will be available for 48 hours.

If attendees know they want to watch the talks several times or won’t have time to watch them during the free window, they can upgrade to an All-Access Pass ticket. This upgrade will give them instant access to:

  • all of the talk on the first day of the Summit
  • lifetime access to the talk replays
  • PLUS all of the speaker bonuses (which include downloads, ebooks, extra trainings, discounts on courses, and much more!)


From July 4th – 24th attendees can purchase the All-Access Pass for $97. This is listed as the ‘fast action’ AAP in your ThriveCart dashboard.

Starting July 25th and through the Summit week they can purchase the same AAP for $197. This is listed as ‘summit week’ AAP in ThriveCart.

Resource Vault

Use this link to access the resources to make your presentation and promoting the Summit easy. 

Inside this folder you can download:

  • presentation guide
  • how to maximize leads from your talk 
  • social media graphics to promote the Summit
  • social media swipe copy 
  • email templates for content ideas to email your list
  • guidelines to create a simple ‘teaser’ video 
You will have been emailed a link to a folder with customized graphics for your talk. If you did not receive this, please email: heather@zenmaid.com
OR nica@zenmaid.com

Current Action Steps

Here’s a quick checklist for you to refer to so you know what you need to do next:

You can also access a PDF checklist here.

1. Submit your basic information by June 10th. Use this form.

2.  Check you can access the Resource Vault

3. Start thinking about and outlining your talk. Mark your calendar for July 1st submission date. 

4. [optional] Create a simple 30 second or less ‘teaser’ video for us to share to promote both the Summit and your talk (see the Resource Vault for a guide). Submit this by June 20th. Use this form.

5. Mark your calendar to start promoting the Maid Summit for July 11th. (use the swipe copy in the resource vault or create your own)

6. Check your affiliate dashboard and make sure you have your affiliate URLs. (more info coming soon)

7. Schedule social media graphics (include your affiliate links in captions), plan other promotion for your talk and the Summit. (once we receive your presentation form you will be emailed your customized talk graphics for sharing).

8. Record and submit your presentation by July 1st. Use this form. 

Important Dates

June 10th – Submit your basic information (step #1)

June 20th – Submit teaser video (optional but we’d love to have as many of these from speakers as possible!)

July 1st – Submit your recorded presentation

July 11th – Start promoting the Summit and your talk 

July 25th – Summit Day #1 kicks off at 9am EST! 

July 29th – Final Day of the Summit (and last day for attendees to get the All-Access Pass before price goes up on Saturday)

Have questions? Please email me: heather@zenmaid.com