The 2022 Maid Service Success Summit is over, but you can still get access to the 2022 talk replays to keep in your personal library.

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2022 Maid Summit talk replays

We had another amazing year JAM-PACKED with talks
from the top cleaning industry experts!

Every year, for 5 days ZenMaid hosts the Maid Summit as a way to bring together the top business leaders from the cleaning industry to share their knowledge, advice and tips for your maid service marketing, sales, hiring, training, systems and automations.

There’s A LOT to see! The talks are only available free during the Summit week. 

Now you can get on-going access to the 2022 speaker talks and watch them over and over and in your own time!

Here are all the speakers and the talks you'll get lifetimes access to when you purchase the replays.

The Savvy Cleaner
“What Nobody Tells You About Running a Million Dollar Cleaning Business”

InoVA Local
“Crash Course: Recession-Proof Your Cleaning Business”

The Maid Coach, Cleaning Business Fundamentals
“Power Your Brand” and “How to Hire an Office Manager”

WootRecruit & CBF Coach
“Applicant Accelerator Playbook™” and “Creating The Unstoppable Workforce”

      Rescue My Maid Service
      10 Training Hacks for Training Your Cleaners”

        Rescue My Maid Service
        “Free Resource Hacks for Your Maid Service”

          Rescue My Maid Service & ZenMaid
          “Anyone Can Automate! (How I Use Automations with only 2 Cleaners)” and “Basic KPI’s – What Are They and Do I Need Them?”

            Rescue My Maid Service & NiceJob
            “Win More Customers with Customer Driven Growth” and “How I Used Reputation Marketing to Grow My Business”

              CBF Coach
              Recession Proof Your Business By Focusing on Client Experience”

              JAMIE READER
              CBF Coach
              “10x your Employee Training System and Increase Cleaner Quality”

              KATIE PEARSE
              Glisten Academy
              “The Mystery Shopper Program for Cleaning Businesses”

              MIKE CAMPION
              Grow My Cleaning Company Podcast
              “Get Out of Cleaning Forever!”

                VANESSA HIGGINS
                Clean Tu Casa
                “Meet the Cleaning Company That Offers Work-From-Home Opportunities”

                MARIA DORIAN
                TaskAway VA & ZenMaid
                “Yelp! We Got a Negative Review. Now What? (Reputation Management Deep Dive)”

                MARTHA WOODWARD
                Quality Driven Software
                “Decrease Absences & Improve Quality With a Simple Incentive Program”

                Training For Cleaners
                “5 Ways To Scale Without Fail”


                  ANMOL OBEROI
                  “How Text Message Automation Helps Acquire New Customers, Retain Existing Customers, and Keep Your Calendar Constantly Full”

                  GINGER WHITSON
                  Cleaning Business Growth
                  “How To Market & Grow Your Cleaning Business”

                    DIANE DANIEL
                    Enjoy Life Cleaning

                    “Sick and Tired of Chaos? 5 ACTION Steps to your Maid Service Makeover!”

                    JONATHAN RODRIGUEZ
                    The Search Specialists
                    “How To Setup Your Google Business Profile and Website Correctly for SEO Success!”

                    AMY CARIS
                    The Systems Project
                    “Build a 24/7/365 Business Manager that’s always ON (so you don’t need to be)!”

                    DIANE GREENWOOD
                    “Building a Cleaning Business That Works Without You”

                    MEAGHAN LIKES
                    Bookkeeping Academy Online
                    “Pricing for Profits”

                    NEEL PAREKH
                    “How To Run a 7-Figure Local Biz Empire While Traveling 40 Countries”

                    STEPHANIE PIPKIN
                    Serene Clean
                    “The Million Dollar Project: Lessons Learned and How We Took This Project on While Maintaining a Healthy Business”

                    MIKE CALLAHAN

                    “Estimating and the Key KPI’s to Profits”

                      DENAI WOLFE
                      The Chic CFO

                      “How to Master Your Money – 5 Steps To Taking Control of the Money in Your Business So It Can Stop Controlling You”

                      SEAN PARRY
                      How to Generate Client Leads on Autopilot with Google Ads”

                      KEN CARFAGNO
                      Smart Cleaning School
                      “Change Your Habits, Change Your Life”

                      KRYSTAL BELLA
                      KB Recruiting

                      “How To Hire QUALITY Workers WITHOUT Endless No Shows”

                      RICKY REGALADO
                      Route & Rozalado 

                      “How Residential Cleaning Companies Can Serve Commercial Too”

                      DANIEL NEVELOFF
                      “Automation: Work Smart, Not Hard”


                        These talks from top cleaning industry experts will help you grow a profitable and scaleable cleaning business.

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